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Graphic design

At Quick Print Digital in Darwin we can handle all your graphic design needs. Whether you want us to design something from scratch or just to make some changes to your existing artwork, our graphic design team will be able to help you at an affordable rate.


Give your printed materials greater durability by having them laminated. Laminating is ideal for business cards, menus, posters, maps and photos.


You can choose to have your book or booklet bound in one of three ways:

  • Saddle stitched: This uses two staples in the spine of the book. This binding option is only available for booklets under 60 pages as the staples can’t handle any more pages than that.
  • Spiral Binding: This method is often used for large documents and manuals. The pages are punched along the spine and a Plastickoil Bind is wound on.
  • Perfect Binding: This is the type of binding used for most commercial paperback books. The pages a glued together at the spine.


Celloglazing is a thin film that is applied to the printed material in order to protect it and give it a glossier more classy finish. You have a choice of matt or gloss celloglazing.

You should not celloglaze things that need to be written on because the writing won’t stick to it.